What a Working Parent Must Do?

How to Balance Time for a Working Parent?

Nowadays, it is no longer unusual for both parents to work at the same time. Who would not want to advance their personal careers and give their kids everything they needed with an assurance of their bright futures? However, the personal needs of the kids in growing could never be placed by monetary value. Take for example a sick kid who needs his mother’s care, but instead grew up with a nanny. It won’t be surprising if the kid will only associate his real mother as a good provider and a housemate but not like his nanny who became his protector, friend, playmate and confidante. So how do you balance your time on becoming a career person and a parent?

1.) Spare your Weekends and Holidays

Money can never buy time as always. Make sure to spend quality time with your family by setting plans for weekends and holidays. Though sometimes, there are works needed to be done on these days, always make sure to prioritize your family’s welfare. Remember that although your company needs you, you are a parent, too, and how they feel valued and loved depends solely on both of you as parents.

2.) Communicate Daily

Call and text is no longer that pricey compare to yester years so there should no complaint about that. Make an effort to call home and check your kids and let them listen to your voice. Other kids find that annoying, but at least you got to interact with them even for a few minutes. Making them feel important while they are young will build their self confidence as they grow up. They will see their selves as a person with value and someone who knows their worth.

3.) Plan ahead for Work Schedules

Kids always look forward at the end of the day when you go home. They would love to share meals with you so please don’t keep on breaking their heart. Overtimes are quality time killers. Make sure to plan your work schedule efficiently to give yourself ample time to finish your work without going beyond office hours.

These little sacrifices mean more than the world to your kids so enjoy your time while it lasts. Being a working parent should never become an excuse. Soon, they will grow up and the way they do as  future parents also depend on how you deal with them now. There is no such thing as perfect parents, but they are those who love unconditionally and would value time, affection and communication with your family members the most.

Photo credit: Daring to go by Vinoth Chandar  (CC BY)