Happy Wife means a Happy Life!

The man who finds a wife finds a treasure, and he receives favor from the LORD. Proverbs 18:22

I love the saying that goes “Happy wife, happy life”. This rings true to me because as a wife I need to feel loved and cherished by my husband.

In his book, “101 ways to Spoil your Wife”, Ron Brown suggested a long list on how to love and cherish your wife as she is the queen of your heart. If you desire to have a lasting relationship with your wife then make sure you lavish her with so much love and attention and how show how important she is. You don’t have to spoil your wife just by giving material things, instead that’s just one of the least things you should do.

From the book, there are a few suggestions that did work for me, and our marriage has never been this happier.

  1. Make sure you tell her every day that she is your best friend, your lover, and your confidant.
  2. Listen to your wife. Really listen. Sometimes she just needs to speak, and you just need to listen.
  3. Give her a massage when she really needs it. Just pamper her and rub out all those aches and pains.
  4. Brag about her cooking. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, cookies, pies, or cakes: brag brag brag!
  5. Be romantic. Light candles around the house. Keep romance alive in everything you do.
  6. Be sensitive to her needs and show her that she is a priority.
  7. Surprise her with gifts.
  8. Talk about your wife to your friend. Brag about things she does and tell them how lucky you are.
  9. Treat her to a movie that she likes.
  10. Write her a poem or a romantic love note.
  11. Never be jealous of her.
  12. Appreciate your wife’s achievements.
  13. If she has a list of errands to run, do them for her or go with her to help her out.
  14. Always treat her with respect. Whether publicly or in private, your wife should be treated with more respect than anyone.
  15. Come home early from work one day and prepare dinner.
  16. Be at her side when she needs you. Everything else can wait.
  17. Be a communicator. Call her if you are going to be late or if you are bringing home unexpected company. Spend time talking about life’s issues with her. Learn to have good conversation.
  18. Earn her complete trust in everything you do.
  19. Be the spiritual leader in your home in all things. Be an example of giving, serving, leading others and praying.
  20. Have a great attitude. Period.

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Small gestures can make a world of difference. Doing small things everyday for your wife carries a tremendous value that will brighten your wife’s life. She is going to feel immeasurably closer to you when she feels loved and cherished. Show her that she’s the queen and she will treat you like a king. Spoil your wife by telling her that you love her everyday. So if you desire to build an even stronger married relationship with your wife, tell her exactly what she is longing to hear, that she is your best friend. Encouraging, positive words create a big impact that will touch the heart of your beloved wife.