Overcoming Financial Issues in your Marriage:

As a couple, both of you can decide to either choose financial scarcity or financial freedom for you and your family.

Money issues can make or break relationships and can hamper marriages in the long run. Most of the time it results in countless lover’s quarrels. Couples should be able to address financial problems and differences in order to avoid unwanted conflicts and misunderstanding. Here are top of the line quick ways to make sure you both don’t head out in the exit door of your relationship just because both can’t financially figure things out.

Transparency Rules:

As honesty and truthfulness should reign in your midst, hiding any back account or keeping purchases, especially major ones in secret won’t make things any better. You must throw away that thought saying “no one will get hurt if nobody has an idea” because you are surely going to start a war in fighting over money between you and your spouse. Both of you should decide on any purchases like a house, car, insurances or any investment because you will both decide in weighing if it would be beneficial or just a waste of money. Being married means having a partner in every decision making you do so make sure you also asked his/her idea on money matters.

Never Deal with Financial Issues Emotionally:

Research shows that finances have been one of the major sources of stress. In return, stress became one of the major reasons for diseases and that’s definitely avoidable if manage well. Therefore, one must face issues like this with strong support from one another. As any marriages, financial problem does not come as a surprise. It is definitely one of the major hurdles people undergo that are meant to be survived together as a couple and not to be set apart by it. One must learn to control one’s emotion. Instead of lurking in your couch, both of you need to accept any exisiting financial problem and face it with optimism. You can ask for professional help of a financial advisor and set realistic goals on how you both can work things out and eventually learn ways to stop fighting over money in your relationship.

Maintain Open Communication about Finances:

Nowadays, we no longer stick to the norm that it should only be the man who will work for the family while the woman stays at home and takes good care of the kids. Instead, both parents are now more hands-on in dealing with how money comes and go. Therefore, a man should be more open-minded when his wife wants to help and should never feel lesser of a man if ever she earns higher salary than he does.

Furthermore, your finances and your goals should be an open book for one another, no need of bringing up who earns more than who but instead, both of you can freely share what and how one desires to reach your financial goals together. The communication regarding finances should start even before marriage. So, make sure to never start your marital life with a debt because you opted to have a big wedding without a budget.

Consider and Control Tactic:

We all wanted to buy things, sometimes out of plain desire or probably out of necessity, nevertheless, make sure to never compromise. What couples should do is to set aside a budget for one another wherein they can use it without asking permission from their spouse. In this way, you can consider the purchase made by your partner as long as it does not hurt your budget as a whole and at the same, he/she can buy necessities without the need to consult you.

However,  if you are going to purchase a certain product beyond the amount that you have agreed upon, that’s the time there should be “2-yes control” rule. It means that if you want it, you have to hear a “yes” from your spouse before purchasing, but if not, no purchase is allowed. Especially if it’s only a non-beneficial item, but the urge of buying it is just out of trends. Fighting over money is not unusual among couples because controlling and managing finances is not an easy task, but since it always takes two to tango, both of you can decide to either choose financial scarcity or financial freedom for you and your family.

Photo credit: Money, Money, Money! by Peddhapati