Ugly Divorce and Common Reasons Behind

Reasons Why Couple Say: Let’s Have a Divorce:

Do you choose going with a new person in your life rather than fix original relationships?

There’s a cliché statement that says, “Marriage is not a bed of roses” but often than not, couples who are undergoing difficult situation in life are way too keen at counting all the thorns rather than appreciating the petals in their marriage life. No wonder that nowadays, married duo easily sees divorce as an ultimate way out because they thought separation from one another will make things right.

Loss of Time and Respect

Regardless of your family set up, spending time is truly a priceless gift you can offer to your spouse..your undivided and exclusive attention to be exact.  It is definitely a no-brainer for couple to definitely allot time for another as it allows you to make memories, strengthen your bond and be able to communicate about anything especially family matters.

It is either due to hectic work schedules, personal choice of either the husband or the wife to do other things or simply misunderstanding, couples don’t spend time as much as they should. However, a common scenario is when a husband would like to spend his one Saturday watching a baseball game and the wife wanted him to caress her or embrace her in his loving arms without any distractions, feud will surely arise. The man would only want to have his personal time but the wife thinks his husband is neglecting her and relationship will no longer work out. How was that for a reason for having an ugly divorce and splitting up marriage?

Loss of Connection and Communication

Couples who don’t have a healthy communication left each other in a monotonous state. Instead of growing together, one is being left behind thus you grow apart from one another. There’s no doubt, you both will feel estranged and alienated. It feels like the person you vowed to love for the rest of your life has been just a part of your past and no longer joins you in your present journey.

Losing interest and pleasure with your spouse is something unintentional but definitely unavoidable. Who says that the moment you don’t like the person then there is no way you can’t bring back the attention you once give to one another? More often than not, losing something like connection and communication is by choice. Only when you don’t try to work things out then divorce seems like an enticing avenue to break up and find someone whom you thought you will have the connection with. Who knows, it might never be about loss of connection, it could have just been all about your choice. Sad to say, pursuing divorce was your pick and not working things out.

Loss of Affirmation and Trust

Committed and married men who chose to entertain other women either on just a one night stand or become his concubine often suffer from loss of positive affirmation from his wife or often sexually neglected.  Now, a man tends to do wrong things for the sake of validating his worth, until when? No one will know for sure. As long one of you is hurt and unappreciated, he will try to seek solace in other place if he could not find it from his wife.

When a woman learned about his husband’s infidelity, she automatically rages about his mistakes and never about asking what could have been the reason why he did it. I know, problem analysis is something we definitely hate, but I believe it is necessary to know so that we can find the real solution. The reason could have been due to work or kids or busy life, you could no longer of your responsibility as a wife. Sexless marriage is definitely a tragedy so it should be on top of your “no-no” list.

All in all, marriage was never been perfect, but what makes it long lasting is when two people continually renew their commitment to one another. Sad thing about what happening nowadays is we now have an option for an easier way out, (not really easy, but makes you not fight back any longer). I know that divorce is not an easy choice but sticking together is way difficult but worthwhile. Never jump to a decision before giving your relationship number of chances, of getting connected and loved. Yet it also boils down to never jump into marriage not unless, you figured out that he’s for keeps. In that way, we will not become a “once-a-committed-person” who choose going with a new person in their life rather than fix original relationships !