Tips on Wedding Planning

Things to Prioritize on Planning Your Wedding:

A wedding is one of the most special days in the life of a person. It is finally the moment that one has been waiting for. Getting married is finally getting involved in a whole new level of commitment and sharing your life with someone you truly love. Now, as you are still feeling the excitement and the thrill of a recent proposal, there are few things you must prioritize in getting ready for the big day. The most crucial part and the foundation of a successful event lies ahead with the ” wedding planning ” stage.

1.) Prioritize the Documents

According to Wikipedia, marriage law refers to the legal requirements that determine the validity of a marriage. Therefore, you must prioritize getting your marriage contract and all documents necessary for the legalization of your union.

2.) Location

Do you want it in your place, in a hotel, a garden perhaps? The location should be a decision made by the couple. Always consider the number of guests, the weather and the kind of celebration you would like when you are looking for a place. Think about a place for your prenuptial session, too.

3.) At what Time is it?

Do you want a sunrise wedding, midday or sunset one? The time is very important to be able to have a proper decorum with all of your suppliers. Always make sure to consider the distance of the place when you are deciding on the time when your wedding ceremony will start.

4.) Nice and Appropriate Theme

There are already a lot of thematic weddings and you can decide on a variety of them that truly fits your personality and your partner. You can be as grandiose as the royal wedding and as simple as a casual celebration wearing Sunday dresses and sleeves. It’s your call!

 There is no perfect wedding, but there is that two imperfect people who found a perfect love worth believing and fighting for.

5.) Next is the Dress

Long time ago, wedding dresses are being passed on from generation to generation. But things change as always. Wedding dresses can be rented from bridal stores or can be bought as there are a lot of ready to wear options. Make sure that you are in love with the dress while not compromising your comfort. Allow the dress to add glow and beauty for you on your special day!

6.) Invitation

Your invites should also go along with your theme. One can have a very intricate invitation or just a simple postcard with all the information needed. You can write the number of guests invited, what to wear, when and where. In addition, some couple indicates their wedding website or gift registry or simply state if they prefer a monetary gift.

7.) Never forget the Food

The kind of menu is also under the theme you are having. Obviously, you serve different kind of food for a picnic and a ballroom type of weddings. You can include your favorite foods so that your wedding will really have a touch of your personal taste. As wedding planning progress, couples were given the chance to have a food tasting session to check if they found the food catering services they love.

8.) Get the Right Suppliers

Weddings deserve the attention of the couple. You need to contact different wedding suppliers from the photographers and videographers, caterers, venue, wedding cake, bridal and entourage dresses and the giveaways. Choose whom you like and just within your budget Now, in case time does not permit a full attention from the couple, then hiring a coordinator is the best option.

Weddings surely call for a celebration. However, bear in mind that it is not about how grandiose or how many guests have arrived. What truly matters is how genuine you are committing yourself to another person with a promise of loyalty, trust and selfless love. There is no perfect wedding, but there is that two imperfect people who found a perfect love worth believing and fighting for.

Photo Credit: The Wedding Day by idccollage