300 Creative Dates – Is it Worth your Money?

300 Creative dates

Should you Use this for your Next Date?

When still dating, the probability of moving a relationship to the next level really depends on your first few dates so you must place your best foot forward. Therefore, you have to think of something extra creative and unique to really gain the approval from the woman you are longing for. Now, what about for those couples who has been together for a long time? Spending time to date will surely bring back the passion and the spark in the relationship. However, thinking of a creative idea to woe the love your life seems to be very challenging.
So does Michael Webb’s 300 Creative Dates book will be able to provide us the creative, fun-filled and unique dates we are looking for?

I would answer a solid YES and an unbiased NO. Calm down! I’ll explain it.

There are 300 ideas stated in the book and obviously, you will not approve or try all of the exact 300 dating suggestions that will be shared when you buy the book.  I assured you that many of the ideas are really creative, however, not all of them are new to us. The book serves as a good reminder of all the wonder places we used to go or the things we used to do when we are on a date or probably, we just did not grasp the idea that there are ideal places to date but we used to ignore.

But here’s the catch, there are more “I WOULD HAVE NEVER EVER THOUGHT ABOUT THAT IN MY LIFETIME” date ideas are in the book compared to what we already know.

300 Creative Dates will surely entertain you, allows you to do something extra special for the love of your life and you are given the power to plan for a creative date and bring it to the next level.

This book does not just love you have to have the best date, but also has amazing freebies to share such as “dating coupons” that would surely make your ordinary date into an extraordinary event. You can have a bike riding moment, go to a theatre or visit an orchard or berry patch for your fruit picking day plus you can have some for yourself, too.

Since we all learn from the mistakes of others, the book intended a specific section to tackle specific reminded on “What NOT to do on a Date” to avoid any dating disaster moment that has also been shared in the book. Huge help!

Now, do you think 300 Creative Dates book is perfect?

Of course not. Reading a book with 3oo dating ideas seems a lot in one sitting. There are some parts written with lengthy description. On the other hand, I love the part where they indicated a very helpful “straight to the point and quick date ideas” in page 93-94. Seems very convenient as your quick guide, especially if you are in need of date idea real fast.

To sum it up, we got a book that is surely creative and assures us a good read. Who would not love to have an awesome date with someone you love and adore.

If you are thinking of pursuing the woman you’ve been eyeing for the longest time, do something special for your partner on your anniversary or even during ordinary days, this would be a great help. Probably, you are an event organizer who needs an idea to help your client on his next Valentine’s surprise or if you just a person who loves spontaneous and creative manner of delivering your love on your next date, this is what you surely needed. Don’t forget to grab this book now.

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