How to Start Setting your Goals?

Do you have a concrete plan in mind that you want to achieve in the next ten years? Have you set a clear objective about what you really wanted to specifically do at this moment? Are you looking forward to check all of your accomplish tasks at the end of the day? Then, you surely have a lot of things to consider in efficiently achieving an effective goal setting strategy.

If a person has a strong desire to succeed, one must never fail to set goals. You must create a set of actions to take that will give you a sense of direction on what you truly wanted to achieve. Goal setting will allow you to sharpen your decision making by making sure that your main focus is towards your goal instead of getting stuck somewhere. You can also identify if the goals you want to achieve within an amount of time can be successful or if not, you might be required to make some changes along the way. It’s also good to know which track is effective to choose. As you build your goals in life, your  personal development will surely never stop until you reach your full potential.

Now, you have to bear in mind that goals vary from one person to another but one thing stays the same: we want to accomplish every single one of them. But how can we do that? You must set your goals and stick with it no matter what.  It’s not just about how great your desire is, it’s all about the actions you take to achieve it. Goal setting starts with carefully choosing how you want to mold your future. Now, how it ends depends on how much hard work and dedication you place all throughout the journey. Let’s learn what you should in between towards an effective goal setting.

Here are your actions to take:

Create a Vision that Motivates You:

Have you caught yourself imagining being a “somebody” you wanted to become someday? How about owning and doing “something” you love? Do you imagine being able to travel “somewhere”?
If you are going to fill them up, all of our answers will be different. Answer me: what do you want to happen that is so important and what do you want to change so badly? Then, that answers the goals you want to achieve. Creating a vision in your mind allows you to map out the things you wanted to take in order to come closer with your goals.

You must become motivated by the goals that you want to achieve. Wanting it for a moment is not enough; instead, you must choose goals which give you that strong desire of achieving it. It should not let you let time to pass by without doing anything on it. Having a vision allows you to grow more in life and gives you the desire to yearn for more  of yourself.  You won’t stop until you finish the race.

Prioritize Your Goals:

We all want different things at the same time, but not everything is beneficial. You have to weigh things out base on their importance and impact on your future. You must set goals that have higher priorities in your life so that you can focus yourself on things that matter and avoid unnecessary disappointment later on.

If you are going to choose just one between becoming a doctor and travelling the world, which one do you deem requires more attention? Would you like to become a doctor first and then later travel the world or would you opt to halt medicine degree for a moment while you visit different places? Prioritize. What’s important to me could be secondary to you so it’s a must that you check the pros and cons and the eventual effect in your life.

Write Down your Declaration:

Goal setting requires physical evidence like your plans all specifically written on a sheet of paper where you can check every now and then. Good documentation of what comes next after each goal accomplishment motivates you to keep on moving forward for the next check on the list. It is very important that you write every single goal because it keeps you grounded on your things-to-do.

People remember more of the things once being handwritten than type on a computer. Though, it does not necessarily affect the outcome, writing things down about your future seem like a personal declaration. Personal goal setting is challenging, but once you see your list and see the things being achieved, you will strive for more.

Choose S.M.A.R.T. Without Quitting:

As always, we have the following acronym for higher chance of meeting your goal:


– You must state an exact and precise goals to meet. It should answer the WH questions. Being specific allows you to keep track and simplify small steps towards your aspiration.


– One must have a tangible standard in order to measure the progress towards the fulfillment of your goal. You should be able to quantify in order to check if you are progressing. You can ask the “How” question regarding your goal like how much or how many or how will you know if you have accomplished it.


The moment that you have identified the goals that truly matters to you, you will then try to figure out how you can reach it. One must be willing to learn new things, develop new attitudes and undergo personal changes to become more capable of attaining your target.


There are high goals that seem unrealistic for others, but for you, it’s a possibility. A certain goal becomes realistic if you are enthusiastic to work towards it and you have the ability to make it all come true.


A goal without a deadline is dead. One must set a certain ultimatum on when a goal should have been fulfilled. One won’t feel any sense of urgency about doing things if you it is not time bounded.

Don’t quit! Once you have set your goal, keep your eyes on the prize. Goal setting is like setting your best foot forward. You know the road will be uphill and steep, but you’ll still take a risk. Reaching your ultimate goals in life is never easy, it is very challenging, but once you make it, victory awaits you! What are you waiting for? Set your goals now. It’s time to conquer yourself.

Photo credit: Goals by Celestine Chua