Things You Need to Know in Dealing with Depression:

Do not stay depressed, allow your life to become a blessing to other people. The more you lessen the focus in your life, the more you’ll see how the world needs such a beautiful soul as yours.

Overcoming depression is not a solo-journey. It requires strong support from people you trust, from your core group of support system and you must not deal with it as if you are just on your own. However, there’s no such amount of treatment that will become effective to an unwilling person who does not want to fight back and recover.

Depression has been deemed as a stigma in the society which should not be. All of us, through every walk of life we take, has our very own moment of darkness and although should not have happened, some of us wallowed in its shadows resulting to extreme loneliness and the decrease of self-worth.

How do you fight back and effectively overcome depression?


You have to be fully aware that what you are experiencing is a depression. Do you feel like the situation you are in is hopeless? Do you deem yourself as a worthless person that you no longer enjoy your existence?  Do you feel tired and just wanted to sleep all day? Have you been feeling so down for about two weeks and even up until now? Then, something is really wrong and you have to do something.

You must assess yourself honestly. You must go back to the roots of your depression, in order to know the changes that you must apply. Knowing the fact that what you are going through is not merely just dealing a bad week or normal bout of sadness is very important. Don’t think that you have an incurable disease, but it just means that you need help, either from your family for support or from doctors for medical intervention. Be willing to help yourself up!


You have to force yourself to go out from your hiatus and earn the energy to stretch out your body to a healthier and more positive disposition in life. Your battle in overcoming depression requires that kind of drive that you should bring back again. You can set yourself in pursuing your hobbies and interests.

No, going out and mingling with people in a depressed state is not easy, but not impossible. Exercising helps you as it stimulates your body to produce hormones that could greatly improve your mood. Pamper yourself and do something relaxing and try to do something interesting. 


Start a journal. Write down your thoughts. Keep them out of your head as much as possible. Make sure that you are have cast out all toxic and stressful things in your life. You must eliminate any existing unhealthy relationship in your life.  You must avoid interacting with pessimistic people or those who suck out good vibes in your life. In case, you can’t totally avoid them, at least lessen your conversation and interaction with them.

You  must set the changes on the things that you wanted to do. Be a goal setter, you can check more on goal setting tips to know how you can implement changes in your routine.


Your thought will direct your behavior. Therefore, you have to talk to yourself positively and build your self-confidence. Exclaim positive declaration unto yourself. Always do daily affirmation and never forget to write them down and place it in a place where you can see it all the time. Do not wallow in your depression but instead, focus your energy in helping other people. Allow your life to become a blessing to other people. The more you lessen the focus in your life, the more you’ll see how the world needs such a beautiful soul as yours.

It’s not easy to neglect any depressing and negative thought but take it one step at a time. Fight back. You have to be stronger this time around. You can now start your goal setting for what you want next in your life. Remember, positive thoughts? You can do that!


The reason why there are people who feel so alone and tries to isolate themselves is because  they failed to build a good foundation with their relationship towards other people.  A person who shares a healthy connection with people around him is the very least to suffer from depression.

Surround yourself with positive people, those who can lift you up when you are sad. Find good friends who are not judgmental with your condition but instead encourages you that you can surely surpass any trials that will come your way.

A depressed person seems like a hopeless, heartbroken and  desperate human being but you can always turn things around. You have to take back the life that you have, love life again and bring back the hope throught your small successes along your way. Learn to love others, be more generous, reinvigorate all the good times. You’ll be back to your awesome, amazing self in no time.