Negative Impact of Complaining

Why you should Eliminate the Habit of Complaining?

“I waited for 30 minutes waiting in line, just for a cup of coffee. Such a waste of time!”
“The weather was so hot, I totally hate going out. ” “ I hate going to work. My boss always has his eyes on me!”I don’t like this…I don’t like that..blah..blah..blah…

Does that sound familiar to anybody you know who seems to choose complaining as their ultimate hobby? Complaining is verbally stating one’s displease annoyance or dissatisfaction about a state of affairs or an event. Basically, it’s stating about everything negative, pessimistic and whining about things that ticks your alarm out of tune. Now, on learning the negative impact of complaining, how does habitual complaints reap off your life?

1.) Wrong Focus:

The more you keep on complaining, the easier it is for you too noticed all the displeasing and dissatisfying things around you. You will form a habit of criticizing everything that you see and immediately complain about it without giving it a second thought. Your attention gets corrupted by all the bad things around you, thus never allowing yourself to take time to appreciate and give positive feedbacks.

2.) People Repellant:

Do you want people to just leave you alone? Criticize all the more! Complaining allows you to blurt out your emotions and constantly nag about everything around you. However, the more you do the pestering about your boss, your work or your life, the more people go away from you. As much as you might love complaining, the more they hate hearing all of your whining and cursing. We all have our own set of dramas in life, they definitely don’t need yours.

3.) Low Productivity:

You loss that sense of gratefulness and contentment because things were just not enough for you. Instead of finding a solution about a problem, you spend your time pondering and uttering all of your grievances out in the air. You are slowing down your progress as no one is productive with a heavy heart, right?

4.) Emotionally Down:

They said that one will feel better after finally expressing every frustration, disappointment and annoyance to the world. It could be right or it could probably be wrong. However, whatever comes out of your mouth become who you are and that’s one thing for sure.  A bad tempered, argumentative person never gets energy from hating the world, but instead losses his vigor and drive. You reap what you sow and whatever emotions of disgust and hatred you speak out is also the same level of negative energy you suck in.

Now, you fairly have the obvious list about the negative impact of complaining so may we all become more positive and appreciative of love and life.

 Photo credit: Zig Ziglar by BK (CC BY-SA)