Maintaining a Lasting and Satisfying Marriage:

Being a husband and a wife requires 100% of commitment and passion to love and serve your spouse. As what they always say, “marriage is not a bed of roses” but how your marriage stays strong and connected depends on how you deal with each other. There will always problems to arise and conflicts to settle, may your journey of your marital life become stronger than ever.

3 Effective Ways to Bring back the Love in the Relationship

Do you feel so broken hearted thinking that your relationship has gone sour and spark-less?

Do you feel so clueless on how to bring back the magic and blazing love in your love story?

Do not worry! There are numbers of lovers who had dived into a comfortable routine right after dating for a long time. In the long run, the spark in the relationship seems to vanish after some time and you tend to do things routinely and just out of habit.

Successful relationships are not owned by couples with the best material things in this world. Instead, they are those who know that their true possessions are something that money cannot buy

Yet, problems only arise if you do not do anything for the sake of your relationship. In order to bring back the love, one must find ways to prove that your love has never lost it sparks, but just became idle for a moment. You must exert an effort to keep your love growing and glowing than ever, but how to do it? A quick check list of things to do to help bring the spark is a must. Here it is:

  • 1.) Surprise them with Something Unique:

Who would not love surprises? The idea that someone finds a time to make your day extra special by pleasant surprises will surely warm their heart. Surprises come in different styles and variation according to your partner’s love language so make sure you know what makes them feel loved. A surprise candlelight dinner in the garden,  name one star after your partner’s name legally or knit a nice comfy couple sweater for both of you. Let your imagination burst as you think of the ordinary things you usually do and turned them into extraordinary surprises

  • 2.)  Say it and Mean it:

When was the last time you said the magic words “I love you” to your partner? Have you said it with matching holding hands, your eyes locked into each other’s gaze and words coming out from the heart?  Sometimes, we say things because we are expected to say it and the loss of sincerity loses its value. Next time those words are uttered, make sure you are not running late for work or trying to say it in the middle of paper works but instead take time to acknowledge your love for one another. Say it on a daily basis, genuinely seeing the other person’s presence in your life and how beautiful the love you shared with one another. This will surely bring back the love you once shared.

  • 3.) Let the Dating Time Begin: 

Successful relationships are not owned by couples with the best material things in this world. Instead, they are those who know that their true possessions are something that money cannot buy. It is the value of their time, presence and memories shared with their most precious one. In other words, couples whose love never grows old are those who never get tired in knowing each other and never stop in finding exciting things to do together.

Take time to hit the beach, learn new hobby together, try to cook some foreign food (who cares about the taste?!?), have a pillow fight and get wet in the rain. There are so many things to do together in order to bring back the love you had with one another. In times when you feel the boredom in the relationship, think of a creative date for a surprise. As always, things will surely get better both in your partnership and in your personal life.

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