Beating the Distance with Love

Every relationship, whether long distance or not, faces different challenges that could play havoc to the couple in love. So what must you do when distance is the barrier to keep the romance alive? Well, some people say that long distance relationship does not really work. I would say, NO. The question is, are you both willing to make it work? Because even if you are not separated by distance yet you are not committed enough to keep the relationship to work then surely it will lead to break up.

What are the ways to make it work?


First thing that could help long distance relationship to work is through constant communication. Communicate with your partner as often as you can whether it’s by telephone, text messaging, email, chat, etc. Make use of the modern technology to your benefit to maintain regular communication. Always find time to connect and communicate with each other. This is the only way to bond and make up for the lost times of not being together geographically. A text, a call or a note symbolize how much that person mean to you and that you care enough for him or her. It’s also a proof that he or she is the first thing that pops in your head in the morning and the last thing at night. Through proper communication you are able to:

  • resolve any problem or conflict easily
  • share plans or ideas and envision future together
  • maintain mutual respect for each other
  • practice transparency where trust is built


  • Commitment is vital especially in a long distance relationship. Without commitment, love is a useless emotion. Without love, commitment is as good as nothing. So make sure that these two go hand in hand together in your relationship. Commitment will keep you moving forward and create a vision to build a future together. You are willing to sacrifice, eager to wait for the time where both of you want to level up from dating or courtship stage to the sacrament of marriage. Time and distance really is the test of every relationship and this will tell if the other person is serious about you or not. Prove to that person that you see yourself together and not just in short term. Commitment is about word of honor. Mean what you say and say what you mean. You know that in finding true love, you must learn how to be committed with your words and action.

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As you are in a long distance relationship, you need to be more creative. Be different, be innovative! Have something to look forward to. Surprise your loved one with a visit. Send each other a gift and don’t forget about stuff like birthdays, anniversaries, or any occasion that is worth celebrating. . Amuse yourselves. Share a common interest that can be done online. Joke around and laugh together.

When these 3 important aspects are present in your relationship, surely you will make the long distance relationship to work. Communicate, be committed, and be creative. Of course, support each other’s plan and dreams. Be sure to always have each other’s backs and stand there to support no matter what. Understand the reason why you are long distance in the first place. If you are both willing to make it work, then distance will never be an issue and it can be easily overcome.