Good Friendship means Good, Healthy Life!

Having a true friend means that no matter where you are or what you are doing, you will be able to always have fun and meaning in life.

The importance of friendship in the life of an individual is very obvious. You feel secure, accepted, protected and loved. Nowadays, young people of the new generation spend most of their time outside the home and most, if not all of them, use up more time connecting with friends than family members. This explicitly means that making friends is one vital attribute a young person needs to learn in her early age not only because it is the trend but also because this is one of the qualities he needs to gain knowledge of for it is a foundation to build strong relationships and connections which is of great help as he is aging and reaching maturity.

But friendship is much more than just sharing the good and the bad times, there is a very important effect of friendship, especially in the emotional and physical effects.

Good Friendship is Good for your Health:

It’s not only important to have friends, but it’s also absolutely imperative to a healthy life that you have friends. According to a study, people with close friends are healthier than those who don’t have them. If you have close friends, you experience less pain, you’re much less depressed, and you’re a happier person. One statistics study even showed that smoking is just as unhealthy if you don’t have a friend. Can you see the importance of friendship there? Friends also encourage good habits, chase away depression, help you overcome diseases and cause satisfaction, pleasure and happiness. Amazing, isn’t it? So you see? Friendship has not only given you a longer life, but also a happier life as well.

As we all know, good friendship is always worth keeping, therefore you also need to share your own share of loyalty, sincerity and love. You can definitely learn more about how to nurture good friendship, too. Just be willing to go an extra mile for a friend.

One thing that we will always love about friends is the high-hearted spirit and sharing jokes and laughters that comes along with it and not only the health benefits we get from it. Having a true friend means that no matter where you are or what you are doing, you will be able to always have fun and meaning in life.

Making friends might be a difficult thing for some especially for the introverts, but hey, don’t be afraid to get out and meet new friends around you, because one of them might unexpectedly change your life for the better. The importance of friendship can only be realized once you are willing to share your life, become a shoulder to lean on and someone who’ll always be there no matter. Remember, that’s what friends are for.

Photo Credit: AFS-USA