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How to Get Your Dream Job?

Tips to Ace your Job Interview:

Fresh graduates are surely getting ready with their best foot forward for their first job interview. Acing it means more than anything else as it will help you claim your dream job. Bear in mind that it’s not just about graduating from the most prestigious university that matters. You need to show to them that you are exactly who they needed and should be hired on the spot.

Job competition is a game you must play head on. How to lock in that position you desire truly depends on how you do well with your job interview matters a lot.

1.) Be Extra Knowledgeable

You must go to an interview feeling like a warrior assigned to lead a battle. You have to make sure you got all the bullets you needed to fire against your interviewer. It is very common for them to ask about where you learned about the company, what do you know about the company and what your job description is. However, you can research more about who the company owner is, its history and current development. Show that you are not just interested with the position, you are also interested in becoming a member of this company’s growing family. But as always, place things in moderation. Share it if it’s appropriate, but if not, at least you already did your research in advance. There could be questions that you do not know, just relax, answer honestly and give an assurance that you will research and find out the answer.

2.) Practice makes Perfect

Although not all people were born with good speaking skills, still you do not have to despair. You can learn anything as long as you put your heart on it. You can practice speaking with a friend and record it to check how you sound. Use a modulated voice and make sure to speak clearly. Even your dream job surely requires something more than good credentials.

3.) Act out your Confidence

The moment you enter the office, be ready to be in character. Bring a positive aura by smiling and greeting politely. Take your seat only when instructed to do so. Sit properly and observe good posture. Look the interviewer in the eye as you speak as it denotes confidence and honesty.

Getting the job on the spot would be a great achievement for you, but in case, it did not turn out as expected, you have nothing to worry. Just give your best in everything that you do and there surely will be no regret on your part.

Photo credit: The Dream by Atsuke