Advice for Building Strong Friendships

Friendship is a gift that comes for free, but for it to become real and lasting, it requires an immense amount of sincerity, support and concern. Knowing that you got a friend nearby is like claiming a part of a treasure worth keeping for a lifetime. A friend is someone who supports you when you are down and crying and someone who cheers for you when you are winning. It is a beautiful kind of love as it requires you to put someone other than yourself sometimes and it allows you to be more than willing to spend time, exert an effort and share your life with your most treasured friends in the world.

As Friendships – 6 Major Tips for Building and Maintaining Strong Friendships

Your friend could be that man or woman you share a table with while at the bar, you might engage in political discussions, but everything seems to end once you exit the door.

We all have friends whom we love, cherish, respect and adore. They make our lives worth living and also provide a shoulder to cry on when we going through pain. In some cases, the bond that exists in friendships is even stronger than the bond between siblings. Some friends can give their lives for you because of the enormous love they have for you. They can’t imagine living a life without you being a part of it. That’s why we must learn how to build and maintain stronger friendships. These are the major tips you can use to build stronger friendships:

  1. Be aware you have friends

You need to realize that you have friends in the first place. It’s virtually impossible for anyone not to have friends. It’s either you have good or bad friends, so there should be someone for everyone. Your friend could be that man or woman you share a table with while at the bar, you might engage in political discussions but everything seems to end once you exit the door. You can ramp up things by getting to know the personal side of him or her, and this will help in building your friendship with that person.

  1. Always respect your friends

We tend to take our friends for granted, especially old friends. This normally happens when we feel we’ve known virtually everything there is to know about them. This tends to make us disregard them sometimes. You might never know the important roles they play in your life till you lose them, don’t wait till it happens.

  1. Help out a friend in trouble

There’s no better way to prove to your friends you love them than in times of trouble. This is the major area most friendships get tested, because certain people tend to avoid their friends when they’re in trouble. You need to reach out to your friends in their time of need in orider to gain their love, respect and admiration.

  1. Add value to their lives

No one wants friends that are a liability to them. I’m sure you don’t want to fall into this category of friends, so look for something positive you can add to the lives of your friends. For example, you might be professional musician, anytime you’re around your friends, try to teach them a thing or two about music. It doesn’t take much to add value to their lives.

  1. Spend quality time with friends

You might not have all the time in the world to hang out with friends, but you need to create time out of your busy schedules to be with them. It’s like you’re adding fuel to your friendships. It helps you to bond better with them and most importantly, maintain stronger friendships. Friendships need to be refueled, and you can achieve this by spending quality time with your friends.

  1. Maintain constant communication

Many have lost good friends because they failed to keep in touch with them. Some friends intentionally refused to keep in touch with others to see how much you value them. If you value them so much, you’ll need to call them frequently so they don’t forget you easily. Maintaining constant communication helps to strengthen and prevent friendships from dying.

In conclusion, you need to appreciate your friends because they play a significant role in shaping your daily life. Don’t disregard, disrespect and fail to help your friends when they are in trouble. You’ll never fully realize how much they mean to you till you lose them. Value your friends, because they just might inspire you to greatness.