Being Brokenhearted Made you a Better Person:

We cried, we blamed ourselves that probably if we could have done more, love more, give more then these should have not happened.

Do you remember who your first love was? To whom did you share your first sweet kiss? Could you still picture out what happened during your first date? Memories keep flashing back, I know. It’s okay to release that deep breath and ambivalent emotion in reminiscing the bittersweet moments of the past. I deeply and sincerely understand.  As much as we want to have our first taste of love to last forever, only few lucky gals made it with their prince charming whom they said their first “I love you” and for us, we had a taste of our first heartbreak. 

By the way, did you end it with aghast and rage? Or did you mutually bid goodbye and thrust your own path on your own peacefully yet painfully. Regardless of how it ended, that first heartbreak definitely molded you into who you are today. Try to check the following ways on how being heartbroken had changed you. You can surely relate to them. But hey, don’t be bitter anymore. You’re the rock star here:

1.) You Learned the Art of Letting Go

You spent day and night trying to let go of something once so precious to you and yet you know you were left with no choice. You tell yourself over and over again that it would be the last drop of tear you would let go. You cried to every song you listened and it distressed you to be reminded of every single memory. Painful?  Definitely! Feels like it will last forever until one day, you woke up, you learn to get by and then the pain gets lesser and lesser until you can’t remember anything about. You met someone; fell in love and life moved on. Totally learned how to ignore things. You survive your most feared first heartbreak!

 2.) Beauty Version 2.0

Right after all the depression and  gloominess you felt for days, you finally decided to start anew and the first thing is to cut your hair, change your wardrobe and try to feel extra beautiful than you have ever been. Most often than not, the reason why you do this is because you just really wanted to send a message to your ex that it was never your loss. Does that sound bitter? Who cares anyway? Bringing your beauty to the next level is a sign of maturity and know that first heartbreak would never make you hate the world. You truly rock!

 3.) Your Self- Worth and Confidence Spike Up

When someone left us or betrayed us, it’s quite normal to undergo the question and answer round if we’re  not good enough or is it our fault? We cried, we blamed ourself that probably if we could have done more, love more, give more then these should have not happened. After all the roller coaster emotion, your first painful heartbreak taught you it was never your fault.  One day, you stood up, look in the mirror and realize that it was never your fault and you were always the best version of yourself. You stopped sucking out your energy and started loving yourself better than you used to before. Realizing that your value is not based on other people, you no longer rely your happiness towards others. Ain’t that awesome?

First love may not have a given us a love story worth keeping as all we could remember is how we survived forgetting and overcoming the pain brought by a shattered heart but look at you now! You are definitely better than yesterday. It’s definitely true that you can never truly love not unless you have felt how much love you could give even if it breaks your heart. You started to learn more and know yourself more about love and life. Yes, you got hurt but simply because you chose to love. It might be your first to love but it wont definitely be your last.

Now, in case you are now in beautiful relationship, make sure to take good care of it. Now, since there’s no perfect relationship, you must also learn to handle lover’s quarrel in order to have a lasting and satisfying relationship.