What to Do on your First Date?

First Date -Ready: Tips and Advice

“Every first is special!”

Are you in cloud 9 daydreaming about that most awaited day of meeting one of the elite bachelor/bachelorette in town for the first time? If yes, are you sure you are first date -ready? People are mostly caught up in their emotion, that they miss the vital part of getting ready and prepping up for that anticipated first date. Here are some quick tips and advices of bringing the best version of you as you are hoping for a blossoming romance afterwards.

Tips #1: Make your Physical Presence really count:

Your presence does not just mean “being in attendance” but more about how you present yourself. That magical first look matters a lot; most especially for the person you are going to have a date with for the first time. How you prepared for your first date will be exhibited on how you dress, how you get that hair fix and how you smell really good. Wear appropriate clothes with the right pair of shoes and accessories. Never overdo things, but never settle for just plain simple.

Are you sure that new outfit you’ll wear on your date really fits you? Make sure to check it and ask someone to assess how you look wearing it!

Tips # 2: Be Mentally Attractive:

First dates should have that distinctive atmosphere worth remembering. Lead a good conversation about things that you have similar interest. Therefore, a quick research about your date won’t hurt as it can give you hints on what to talk about. People don’t just settle for good looks, so make sure you’ll impress someone the moment you’ll start talking.

Tips #3: Exalt your Values:

You ought to set a standard of respect and good manners most especially on your first meeting.  Good impressions ought to last and you should start it right. Smile genuinely. Talk in moderation, but with confidence. You can casually talk if should the two of you split the bill not unless the guy voluntarily say that the bill is on him. Ladies surely deserve to be pampered but one always knows that there are boundaries.

Could you still remember how your first date went on? If not yet, how are you planning to prepare for that special day of yours? Share with us because we will be so thrilled to know!

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