Help your Kids Become Bully-Proof in School

It’s very important to be very hands-on in dealing with bullying problems, especially if your child is at stake.

Bullying, especially in school is one of the issues that are giving headaches to school administrators and a threatening situation for our children. As a parent, you must also protect child from bullying by being more open and aware of your children’s situation at school or even in the neighborhood. Did you know that 1/4 of the number of public schools reported that bullying and intimidation amongst youngsters occurs on a daily or weekly basis? And that 1 in 5 high school students report being harassed in the past year?

Fortunately, people are more aware about bullying problem due to the fact that bullying has made nationwide headlines, schools and neighborhoods are taking a sturdy stand versus bullying. However, it does not stop there. It is very important that we are always in a fight for peace and order, setting up a bully-proof environment and any bullying attitude should never be taken for granted.

As a parent, you are surely very worried about your child’s protection, don’t be. Instead, you can do your part and make sure to allow communication about certain issues in the house, too. Here are 5 smart strategies to keep kids from becoming targets– and also quit harassing that has actually already begun:

Have an Open Discussion:

Talk concerning harassing with your children and have various other family participants share their encounters. If one of your kids opens up concerning being bullied, applaud him or her for being brave sufficient to review it and provide unconditional support.

Ask for Help:

Don’t attempt to fight the battle yourself. In some cases talking to a bully’s parents can be constructive, but it’s generally most ideal to do so in a setting where an institution official, such as a therapist, could mediate.

Eliminate the Enticement:

Remove the lure. If it’s the lunch money or gizmos that the school bully is after, you can help neutralize the situation by urging your kid to load a lunch time or visit college gadget-free.

Enforce a Calm Attitude:

If a bully strikes, a youngster’s ideal defense may be to stay calm, neglect hurtful opinions, tell the bully to stop, as well as simply stroll away. A youngster which isn’t easily ruffled has a far better opportunity of remaining off a bully’s radar.

Companionship Rules:

Buddy up for safety and security. Two or more pals standing at their storage lockers are much less most likely to be badgered than a youngster who is all alone. Advise your kid to make use of the pal system when on the institution bus, in the bathroom, or wherever harasses may hide.

Overall, it’s very important to be very hands-on in dealing with bullying problems, especially if your child is at stake. If one of your children opens up about being bullied, commend him or her for being honest and make sure to review the situation and offer unconditional support. Protect child from bullying by making sure that you are always there to support all the way!

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Photo Credit: Sally of Flickr