What Makes an Amazing and Great Friendship?

Like Thomas Aquinas once said: “There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.”

Honesty and Trust

This is the number one element of great friendship. Actually, not just with great friendships, but any friendship for that matter. If you cannot trust the person, you cannot genuinely  be friends with them. This also applies to being honest about who you are. If you can’t show a person the real you, it means you don’t feel comfortable enough because you don’t trust them not to judge who you really are. The truth is though, people who hide behind masks, lies and pretenses are the people who feel most vulnerable. They are afraid that if they showed their real self, then they might get rejected and hurt. So if you want to take an ordinary friendship to great levels, show your friend that they can trust you with the truth and that you also trust them.

Shared Experiences

This doesn’t mean that you have to go through every single thing together. Sometimes even just sharing what you are going through and getting their insight on it is enough to make it a shared experience. When you have gone through a totally embarrassing experience, for example, your friend may not necessarily be present at that time, but calling them up later on and talking to them about it and having a good laugh can help make the experience less terrible than it initially felt. Which brings me to the next important element of a great friendship. You can definitely create memories by the gift you shared and the generosity you exhibit.

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Humor is an effective way to diffuse a tense situation, and it is great at amplifying a positive one. When you can laugh together with someone, you can make your burdens lighter and the time spent that much better. You can definitely of quick ideas on how to make your friend smile and feel extra special.


I’m sure you and your friend/s have a lot in common. But you will not always agree on the same things all the time. It is important in friendships to enjoy your similarities, but also have mutual respect for your differences. You can for example have different opinions on whether or not Friends is better than HIMYM, or if coffee is better than tea, or if that infamous dress was black and blue or white and gold.


Communication is an important tool in keeping a friendship strong. I don’t mean that you have to talk to your friend every hour of every day. Some friends can even go several months of not having seen each other, but the friendship remains strong. These kinds of friendship have already gone through a lot. Of course, they started out having constant/regular communication, and other areas of the relationship have already been strengthened over time (like the shared experiences, honesty and trust, respect, etc.) This is why in these particular friendships, after months (and sometimes even years) of not seeing each other, they still update each other on what has happened in their lives and they seem to just pick up where they left off.

Like Thomas Aquinas once said: “There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.” And to find this valuable gift called a true friend, you first have to be one yourself.