What You Shouldn’t Do as a Parent:

There’s no such thing as a perfect parent, but there’s a whole lot of effective parenting skills that one should always be willing to learn in order to improve as long as the main motivator is pure love with the best intention.

Parenting is one of the most challenging roles. As a parent you are going to mold the child’s core values and teach your child what good manners and right conduct is all about. Learning effective parenting tips is essential to be guided especially for those first time parents. Furthermore, one must not just learn how to correctly do things, but also make sure that you are familiar with the things that you should avoid.

Also, never forget that as a parent, you must bring up a child who experienced disciplining, but knows how to enjoy his childhood. As you take your parenting role, you must set a goal for yourself on what you would like to instill in your child. Do you want your children to follow you and see you as a boss? Should they fear you so that they will follow your orders? Or do you want to raise a child who understands that he is loved that is why he is being disciplined and he will later turn out to be a confident and decent human being?

Setting a Bad Example:

Children learn the concept of right and wrong based on what they see. The way you react to certain situation will also reflect how effective your parenting skills are. You have to set an example on what you would like your children to imitate.

As a role model, your kids are watching you every move, whether you know it or not. How will you expect your kids to eat vegetables if they don’t see you doing what you just said?

Delegate Responsibilities to Other People:

Since most parents nowadays are working, the children are mostly left in the house under the care of a nanny or any relatives. We understand that all you wanted to do is to give the best future for your children. However, do not forget that who they are in the future also depends on the nurturing and the kind of love and attention that they experience with their parents. No one can replace the love and affection that only parents can give.

Make sure to plan your schedule for the entire week and balance your career and family. Always set aside personal time on a regular basis in order to do some activities and have fun with your child.

No to Disciplinary Action means Loving:

If you think that spoiling your child means you love them and you deem yourself as a good parent simply because you can give them everything they wanted, here and there, then something is wrong. Skipping the disciplinary action because you don’t want to hurt your child right after they misbehave is not love. It means you are not preparing your child to become a decent, values-oriented, hardworking and disciplined person someday. Effective parenting requires the ability to teach your kid how to be content, follow rules, accept rebukes and to never expect everything as demanded.

Punishing without Explaining:

Kids love to ask questions and the common mistake is we either sometimes give the wrong answer or we don’t set aside a moment to explain why they are being scolded. “Follow me because I said so” is an answer we should never give. It makes the child confuse and might think that we wanted to scold them just because we just wanted to. You have to explain the reason why they are being reprimanded and what would happen if they will continue their misbehavior.

Effective parenting requires good communication and allow the kids to understand the situation. When they grow older, they already understand that in every action that they make will have a certain consequence and they have to be ready for it or at least avoid misbehavior.

Being Inconsistent:

When you set rules regarding your disciplinary actions with your children, you must stick with it. Children will know what to expect when do this, and when they don’t do that. However, if you rules vary unpredictably then the problem is yours and not theirs.

You must be able to identify and communicate with them your non-negotiable and consistently enforce what you have agreed upon. Avoid confusion from your children’s end to avoid the parent-child struggles and unnecessary rebellious attitude. This way, your children will submit to your authority, especially if they know that it’s for their own welfare.

Harsh Disciplinary Action:

The use of aggression results more harm than benefit. Most children who were being spanked, slapped or hit as a way of disciplining them become bullies in school or are very prone to have relationship problem with other kids. In return, they also use aggression in order to solve arguments with others.

The main goal of good parenting is to be able to build a strong family ties and that’s the desire of every parent. There’s no such thing as a perfect parent, but there’s a whole lot of effective parenting skills that one should always be willing to learn in order to improve as long as the main motivator is pure love with the best intention. As always, we all yearn to bring out the best for our children, allow them to grow in a supportive environment, protect them from any harms and be there to rebuke them every time they made right choices.

Image: Flickr