The Journey of Finding True Love:

How sweet it is to love and be loved in return. We always find our sense of completeness and its such an extreme joy when we found someone who loves and appreciates our existence. Yet, we all know that dating is not just all about the good times, but it is also about exerting an effort and always trying to pursue someone again and again. However, since not all stories end with a happy ever after, we also share about how tough it is to move on from a love story that sadly ends with goodbye yet one must always muster upon the thought that best things such as love is always worth waiting for.

Best Dating Experience: Things you Must Do on a Date

Whether you’re new to the dating scene or have just been thrust back into it after your last relationship, experiencing date jitters are bound to happen. What will you talk about? Will he or she like your company, find your jokes amusing? Will something get caught in your teeth!? Needless to say that dating nerves happen, but they don’t always have to. Here are a few tips to make sure you actually enjoy that every dating experience of yours.

Be yourself and confident in your choices. If they’re going to like you, then be you. If they ask if you’d rather go dancing than see a movie, and you would? Then dance!

1.  Stop worrying

Sounds impossible right? It’s not. Realize that this isn’t a test. You can’t study for a real date, and if it doesn’t work out? That doesn’t mean you failed. Embrace the excitement of it all, the mystery of unraveling this known or unknown person’s personality. You’re experiencing the opportunity to spend time one on one with another human being who happens to be into you. So stop worrying whether or not you’re good enough. Either they asked you or they said yes. Don’t give into that bundle of nerves, rather let it go and enjoy those butterflies.

2. Dress to impress

Yes, first impressions matter even if they’ve seen you before. Dress appropriately for your date. Fancy dinner? You can’t go wrong with a nice button-up or that little black dress. Movie night? Business casual or even slightly more comfortable is okay. Hiking? Don’t wear heels. Seriously. Show up clean and in the right gear so your appearance isn’t something you or your date has to worry about.

3. Focus on the conversation, not your phone.

It’s as simple as that. In today’s society you can go anywhere in public, and you’ll see groups of people, even couples, with their faces buried in their phones. Mute your phone, and instead tune in on the conversation. Listen to what they say and respond. Being involved in the conversation, and your date, lets him or her know you’re interested. Whatever the topic is, it’s probably more interesting than whatever your pal played in Words with Friends.

4. Know what you want

If your date asks you what you’d prefer? Tell him or her. Don’t be shy. And don’t put the decision back on them. Be yourself and confident in your choices. If they’re going to like you, then be you. If they ask if you’d rather go dancing than see a movie, and you would? Then dance! If options are presented, choose. It shows confidence and nobody likes to deal with someone who can’t make up their mind.

5. Stick to your boundaries

Are you uncomfortable with the conversation or questions? Let them know. Did they try to give you a kiss and you’re not ready? That’s completely okay too. Communicate these things when they happen. Don’t let small setbacks grow into impossible to overcome impediments. Other boundaries include alcohol. Stick to one or two and don’t let them convince you that you need more. Be in control of yourself and your choices, it shows you care about yourself.

Now go out and enjoy that date and make it the best dating experience! Even if there could be better dates after this one, going in relaxed, attentive, and confident will guarantee that no matter how few or how many dates you have, you and your date will always enjoy them.