Must-Have E-book Bundles for the Heart

Either your are confusingly in love, fixing a broken heart or all set and ready to love again, this gift is exactly for you to unleash!

I wonder what people were thinking when they are in a relationship yet confused if it’s worth to stay, deciding between letting go and giving chance or a person so in love with her/his partner and yet left behind with a broken heart. Grrr…somebody really needs help with that. So, here’s joining you in your journey towards breaking up, surviving heart aches, moving on and finding new love interests.

Here’s a MUST-HAVE Break Up Survival Kit E-book Bundles for the most important person and that’s YOU!

Aside from the obvious reason of finding emotional solace in every specific heart problems you are in, this package is truly a heartfelt offer and pocket-friendly- Three Amazing E-books for only $10. 

THE Amazingly TOTAL PACKAGE for only $10:

Here’s the list of timely e-book for each phase of your journey making it extra special as we make sure that we only give not just the best but exactly what your aching heart needs.


Are you Confused or Torn Between Decisions?
Ebook #1:  So You Wanna Break Up

Easy Ways to Break Up and Break Free


Break It to Me Gently, Please?

Instead of leaving someone behind just because you think things is over and second chances are no longer an option, why not break the news gently. Always try to save your friendship and mutual respect just before you press the “Quit” button. Even break ups can be beautiful only if you use the right words and a proven and tested strategy in approaching your soon-to-be-ex-lover.

How do you Pick up the Broken Pieces?
E-book #2: Broken Heart Survival Guide

Get Back Up Stronger and Start a New Life

broken heart survival guide

Fixing a Broken Heart ain’t Easy but You’ll Survive!

Are you the ONE being left behind? Do you feel rejected and neglected? DON’T Be. Stand your ground and chin up. Those who left are not always the winners. You need to get up and love yourself even more. Learn to look after yourself, navigate life’s potential and never every turn your back from all the wonderful possibilities that this world can offer.

Time to Get Back your Life, Let the Love Begin:
E-book #3: Safety Rules for Dating


Getting back your Life and Aiming another chance at Love.

Fasten Your Seat Belt and Have a Great Dating Experience

Who said break ups won’t make you stronger in life, wiser in loving and gives you a better disposition about yourself?
Even the staying at home whole day and the crying and bitterness come to an end. So here’s another guide on how to start dating within the safety zone (we’ll make sure no more break ups). Get back your dating life oozing and daring as you present your singleness with pride.

In any fight in love and in life, you will always emerge as a survivor. Make sure to make this breakup survival kit ebook bundles at hand!