When Does Spending on Wedding becomes Too Much?

It is very important to be reminded that  what’s more important about being married is not the 24-hour wedding celebration, but it’s all about the beautiful marriage life that comes after.

In this era of modernization, weddings are no longer perceived as just a simple backyard gathering. For most, it means the most intricate wedding, at least a hint of glamorous details over here and there and an exhilarating yet sometimes agonizing effort to reach everybody’s expectation. Yeah, it might be an exaggeration, but that’s what people unconsciously do, our wedding planning has been so extravagant. But when will you say that your wedding become a waste of money?

Nowadays, people are divided with their stand on whether weddings are just a waste of time and money. However, for those who believes that the wedding is sacred and is a must-occasion-in-every-couple, how do you draw the line of a wedding in becoming a blessing or ending up as a curse?

Your Marriage Starts with a Debt:

So you got this beautiful set up in mind with a thousand-dollars price tag plus that wedding gown and impressive suits freshly handed over from the hands of a world-renowned designer. Here comes the carriage to carry you from your 5-star hotel to your majestic ceremony.

Then, there’s a complete set of fine dining set-up for the reception for all of your wedding attendees with half of the guests you personally don’t recognize.

Disregard the exaggeration, could you imagine if a few weeks or months later, credit card companies are running after you like an escaped prisoner because of overdue payables. What if, you simply don’t know how to start your marriage life simply because you started with nothing but a debt on hand?

Not everyone is well-off to start an abundant marriage life but everyone can choose how they turned their wedding into a celebration that won’t cripple their finances and it starts with not-starting-with-a-debt. It is a must to prepare prior to engagement, set a budget and stick with it no matter what. It will save from a whole lot of headaches later in life.

Your Concern is about Other People’s Opinion:

A waste is something that you do just to please other people and never to satisfy your very own desire and longing. One will surely have that “wedding-waste-of-money” thought.

Same thing goes to getting married simply because that’s what other people are saying and expected you to do so. Your wedding choices were all about what other people deem as better and right than what you personally feel and wanted.

People will always have their opinions. In the middle of the preparation, there will be countless of unsolicited advices bouncing from every corner. Keep yourself sane by making sure that your personal wedding fairy’s voice will be heard and that stays that way. Advices are welcome, but not necessary to apply them all because you don’t want to hurt anybody. First of all, don’t hurt yourself and your partner’s planning sessions, keep it very personal and make sure that your wedding speaks more about who you are as a couple.

No Concrete Plans After The Wedding:

You have all the grandiosity in the world, but do you already have a concrete plan of what comes next? Since you might have been so focused on how your wedding will come out, you and your fiancee might have missed what comes next.

It is very important to be reminded that  what’s more important about being married is not the 24-hour wedding celebration, but it’s all about the beautiful marriage life that comes after. A big wedding will surely come to waste if it all ends up in divorce or am ugly, abusive marriage. As a husband and wife, you both need to have lay down all your plans in ensuring a strong, stable and worth keeping relationship that should withstand the test of time.

You must spiritually, emotionally, financially and mentally prepare for your marriage and not just the one-day ceremony so you must focus on how to maintain a lasting and satisfying marriage with the person whom you have promised to spend the rest of life together.