Finding your Best Friend Forever

Best friend 101: Qualities and Attributes

“Lucky are those who found true friends for they also found treasures.”

Best-friend-forever kind of friendship is not that hard to find. However, in the middle of people coming and out our lives, we often overlooked people who made an impact on us. There could be these significant people who took the time to treasure your presence. How will you know that you found your best friend for keeps?

You and your best friend celebrate every new found love and heartbreaks together.

Here is some quick checklist to see if you finally found your best friend for life:

  • Brutally Honest with You

You asked her questions and she answered you in the most honest, no bias, straightforward lines that go straight directly to your inner core. Ok?!? She just made you listen to the answers you actually already knew.  Best friends tend to share sweet secrets about other things, but should never afford to lie about each other. Honesty is one of her most treasured values and she shows it with credibility to you on a daily basis. Guess, she’s really for keeps!

  • Encourages You All the Time

During the lowly times, you got a hand to hold on and a shoulder to cry on. A best friend helps you see the brighter side, even when your eyes get blinded by your tears. She allows you to get weak in front of her, but will always make sure you strengthened by her  kind words, warm hug and awesome gift of friendship.

  • Shares your Life story

Your life story is an open book to her and she is you avid book reader. A best friend knew who your most hated teacher was and when you had your first heart break. She can narrate the reason why you hated the thunder and how the cats look like a newborn baby to you. She can basically spell you inside out!

  • Talking Unlimited

Best friends never set a safe topic to discuss; sky is the limit for a conversation. You call and text even after your coffee date, you even message each other on Facebook about the newest selfie post you posted on Instagram. You can share with her about your newest crush in the office and how you love to go out window shopping this weekend. You never run out of things to talk about!

  • Favorite Buddy

You basically found your lost sibling from another mother. You laugh, you cry, you argue and yet you always find a way to patch things up. She’s exactly whom you want to be with if ever you’ll win a trip to One Direction’s next concert.

  • Remembers Special Occasion

A best friend surely knows when to crash your house for a birthday party of a family member or probably well updated on the next movie marathon schedule. You celebrate every new found love and heartbreaks together. The anniversary of that friendship box you buried under the mango tree does not surely slip her mind. Small things matter to both of you, a friendship worth celebrating for.

  • Influences You:

“Show me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are!”
You once hated Taylor Swift but she likes her, a lot! As time pass by, without you noticing it, you already memorized the entire “Shake It Off” song because of her. You definitely adapt to her likes and dislikes and somewhat found yourself getting involved with her interest.

  • Emotional/ Shock Absorber

Whether it’s your latest heartbreak, you got into a petty fight with your parents or you failed your college examination, you know where to go. A best friend forever kind of friend empathizes with you and always reminds you to keep in contact with the reality that it’s just part of life. She helps by absorbing all the negative energy and helps you forget your problem in any way she could.

  • Never Leaves your Side

Like soldiers in a war, you know you got a companion at all times. She will never let you feel alone. You do your reports together, you eat together, you go home on a trip together and just like conjoined twins, you are inseparable.

  • Diehard

    Listener Awardee

In times of problems, we just want someone to listen to us and we always have that attentive ear from a best friend. She might tell you that you are just repeating the same problems over and over again, but she still listens to you. She is still always willing to give you her full attention without any single doubt.

Do you have any buddies who made you feel extra millionaire with their friendship? If yes, then you just got your best friend forever buddy (BFF) !

Way to go sister!?!?!

Photo credit: Best Friends Forever by Don LaVange