One of the pillars of success is  finding something you really love to do and keep doing it. Find that one thing that you would be happy to do even if no one paid you to do it, and then find a way to get paid doing it. Always do it for the love of your craft, not the money. The money will eventually follow anyway because only passionate people will really excel at what they do, and a lot of people are always willing to pay for excellence. Those who are not passionate at what they do are just happy /content to be mediocre. Being passionate about your craft will keep you motivated, and it will make you want to push the limits because you naturally want to know as much as you can about it.


It’s not always going to be all sunshine and roses. Just like building a tower, one must never forget that your pillars of success requires perseverance, effort and the decision to never give up. And that’s why  aside from making sure that it’s what you really want, make sure that you also know how and when to push yourself during the tough times. Because there will be days when you just feel like quitting. There will be days when the people around you are not as encouraging as you would like them to be or are downright against what you’re doing. There will be criticisms, rejections, and harsh judgments. And sometimes, some of these criticisms and harsh judgments can even come from your own inner voice. These are the days when you need to call on your stored perseverance to get you through the bad days and just PUSH past that barrier. You also have to learn how to push past that big wall of shyness and self-doubt that a lot of people encounter when they try to challenge themselves. You will question yourself on whether you are smart enough, tough enough, or good enough. And the answer is, YOU ARE. You just have to get through that really tough barrier and get to the other side where you can start believing in your capabilities again.


You cannot succeed if you serve only yourself. People succeed because they serve people with something of value. Real success is when you are able to find your one true gift and you give it to the world. There is something inside of you that only you can offer the world. That is definitely your calling and your gift to the world. That is called purpose. When you are able to use your gift to serve the world, that is when success comes. There’s truly a power of a vision when you always think about how your action can have a positive impact towards other people.

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Remember to focus all your energies on the really important thing you want to do. Practice it again and again and again until you’ve mastered it and can do it in your sleep. Dedicate yourself to your purpose with a sheer singular devotion, and you will find that the rest is inconsequential. Focus is what makes a laser light so powerful. When you focus, you distill your talents and capabilities until it becomes pure. Just like how a lump coal turns to diamond. It takes time and concentration, and Nature uses the outside pressures to turn something of little value to something of absolutely great value. That is the power of focus. Therefore, be a visionary person who never looks at his present suffering as a failure but a stepping stone towards what matters the most.


Success is not a one-way street. And the learning doesn’t stop just because you’ve reached a certain level. Real success is continuous growth. It is continuously pushing your limits, challenging your ideas and the ideas of others, and asking questions and finding out the answers/solutions. The key to real success is to live curiously– to never stop dreaming and never stop going upwards.

Image: John Fischer of Flickr