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About Celebrate Friendship

Relationship is a precious jewel that we value the most. It is something so priceless, always worth keeping, demands time and effort and requires our constant love and passion. As we celebrate friendship with our best buddies, we realize that love is not just among the blood-related. As our dating life blooms, we found someone we don’t just want to live with, but we all decide to settle with that special person who cannot live without. How magical it is that as we search for love, we find people we never thought would change our lives upside down. People choose marriage not because it makes life easy but because it’s always nice to spend all the ups and down with your best partner by your side. Then, as a parent and a child, we surely appreciate just how lucky are those who have a family to turn to.  You know that your family makes your heart feel at home, given that warm love shared among relatives and loved ones always make life worth living and worth sharing. Yet, we can’t give what we don’t have, so we must continually seek ways towards our own personal development so we should never cease exploring of what lies ahead in life.


Yes, human nature can be weird and complicated, but when you find that special person to share everything with, good and bad, you will see that is worth the waiting. We all like to have someone to be there for us, when we feel happy and when we need a shoulder to cry on. No wonder we definitely value good friendship, both new and old. We all like to have somebody to like us and to accept us the way we are. It is the purpose of having a relationship, beside the natural instinct of procreation. Humans are evolved beings so they need a pair with whom they can communicate, share, deal matter, build a future together and much more.


Believe it or not dating and friendship go hand in hand. While mutual attraction, shared interests or common acquaintances may be the catalyst that proceeds the first date the best dating relationships are ones that also develop a friendship. Friendship is truly two people who are compatible with one another. They may not like all of the same things but they tend to enjoy spending time with one another and build deep seeded bonds. They laugh, they go on adventures and they truly enjoy building memories with one another. Dating is similar where it also involves two people enjoying their time together and making memories. However the fundamental difference is the type of intimacy. The emotional connection between friends is often times deeper than that between two people starting to date, but that doesn’t mean a friendship can’t be built in harmony within the first couple of dates. By learning how to stop simply dating and instead make friendships you can potentially be building one of the best and long lasting relationships you’ve ever had.

One way to build a friendship along with a relationship is to learn to be comfortable.  On the first few dates most people are still “feeling” each other out. They put on their best faces both physically and emotionally and hide qualities about them that they are afraid the other won’t accept. Friends however? Don’t. They expect the other person to embrace them as they are, including all of their potentially embarrassing quirks and faults. While playing “pretend” for the first few dates may be a safe route to go, slowly start making who you truly are known. If dating is going to evolve into a real relationship they will have to learn to accept you for who you are and vice versa.  Another similarity that both friendships and relationships have in common is honesty and communication. Friends tell each other what they need. After you have went on a few dates try to start developing true and honest communication techniques. Share with the other person your needs and your wants. And while it’s unreasonable to expect anyone to meet and fulfill all of them, not even friends can do that, learning how to talk and truly share what you feel with another person can help bring you both closer, both physically and emotionally.

There is dating and there is friendship. But when the two combine? It can be one of the most exciting and comfortable experiences in your life. Learning how to blend the two has led to many successful and happy relationships.


Marriage is an institution holier than any other, and it is the responsibility of both parties involved to do whatever they can to make it work. There is no defined set of rules to marriages, but the following tips could sure help you make it far. Couples should always complement each other, for everything, be it small or large. Compliments encourage your significant other and make them feel loved and more importantly, acknowledged. Studies show that men crave affective affirmation a lot more than women do, and therefore should not be taken for granted.  Nothing ruins a marriage more than the monotony of day-to-day life; one way to keep things fresh is to constantly talk about things other than your daily lives. Forget the dishes, the bills, your families and talk about newer, diverse things like movies or music or politics or just the universe. Also, just try to mix things up at times, by making changes; big or small, but enough to upset the routine. The most important thing, however is to continue being two separate people. Don’t merge your lives into one, and never lose your individuality. Have your own group of friends, your own daily activities and your own likes and dislikes. If you over-focus on your partners’ life and ignore your own, you’re more likely to upset or disturb your partner.

Basically, the key to making any marriage is simple; listen to your partner, let them evolve, focus on their emotions, understand instead of judging, don’t let gender roles dominate your life, and most importantly stop expecting him or her to be a character from some childhood fantasy.


Most families have strained relationships, siblings who won’t speak, estranged cousins; these things just run in families. We seem to forget that nothing is better than good family ties, and therefore maintaining them is totally worth the effort. This just goes on to prove that nothing is worth falling out over. All you do by breaking ties with family members is make your own life miserable. If a certain family member offends you, or makes you feel petty, do not react by doing the same. Instead, just take the high road and do the right thing; be the better person and simply forgive and forget. Within families, it is very easy to play the pressure games, but equally wrong. Don’t pressurize your family, just because you can; it is irrational and unjust and puts a lot of emotional stress on your relationships. This might sound clichéd, but always make time for your loved ones; they deserve it. Take out time to talk, to bond and do as much as you can, even if all you can do is to have dinner together. Invest time in your family life, because it will be appreciated more than the time you spend anywhere else.

Another thing most of us fail to realize is that we are all different, and we need to understand and respect each other’s individuality. Our families won’t always act the same way as we do, and it is okay because they are not us. It would be unfair to expect otherwise. Also, stop assuming roles. If your little sister wants to give you advice, take it and if your mother wants to go on an unplanned impromptu road trip, let her. We are all entitled to act however we want to, and the least we can expect is for our families to understand.

Respect and appreciate your families, they are the ones who are going to help you through all your rainy days.

Personal Development

Each and every one of us has what it takes to achieve greatness – All it takes is to dig deep inside, understand one’s own self, see what one’s made of, and aspire to do what one is afraid of the most. Agreed, this is all easier said than done, but 95% of us never even get started down this path of self-discovery simply because the overall picture is just too scary. We tend to see things in their totality, and rather than break them down into smaller, more doable parts, the thought of the whole never allows us to take the very first step. What we need to understand is this: The macro picture of life is the driving force, but, rather than just having a complete picture in front of us, what matters are the individual steps that help achieve the ultimate picture of life.

People tend to live their lives in comfort zones that they have set for their own selves. These are imaginary borderlines that they have made for themselves, and are definitive in the sense that they don’t dare take a step outside them. It thus encircles their way of thinking, their way of doing and what they aspire to ultimately in life. Whereas it is imperative that one has a sense of one’s limits at all times, yet, these limits shouldn’t define who we are, and what we can become.

Let’s take an example of two recent university graduates. Both have similar grades, and both have job offers that give them a decent career path. One takes the offer and starts working 9-5 at a bank and settles himself onto a long and hopefully positive career in the banking industry. His friend on the other hand thinks slightly differently and rather than taking up a routine job, sets up his own small start-up. The one who works at the bank has a settled start to his life, gets a decent salary on the 1st of every month, and in essence is satisfied with what he has. The entrepreneur on the other hand, is putting in 15 hour days, doesn’t get the weekend off as his friend, and is actually putting in money rather than getting anything out of it in the first 4-6 months of setting his start-up. To an outsider looking in, the life of the banker shall definitely seem steady and the one of the entrepreneur, all over the place. But, to the friends themselves, one is living a life of boredom, and the other is actually living his dream.

This might seem a story to some, but it is my own to tell. I am the banker who has frankly gotten bored as hell only 2 years in, and my friend, who defied the norms, didn’t let the comfort zone bind him down, now has his firm registered in Silicon Valley and operates at a level that makes him one of the best in town. The moral of the story is this – Don’t ever limit your way of thinking.. Don’t ever think that what you have is enough.. Think beyond, think big, and question you own self at all times.

We are Here to Help:

Even though you feel you found the right person, and you feel like everything is perfect, and nothing can ruin your pearl white castle, this is a feeling that won’t last long. The reality is that after the first two years pass in a relationship, certain factors start to appear that might put your relationship to the test. Even if things like this seem impossible at the beginning, when everything looks perfect, it is how things work.

That is why, having a good set of supportive family members really helps us out on whatever problems we are in. A  family definitely has a roller coaster life of challenges to overcome, but as long as you are together, nothing can come close to breaking the bond apart. Furthermore, it is partially on our duty to make sure that our relationship with our loved ones will remain strong. For this reason, I want to invite you to open discussion on relationship matters. Together we will find a solution on how to build a strong and healthy relationship, which time will not affect.

How many times do you see old people holding hands and kissing in the park? You probably thought they are very cute and dreamt of having a pair with whom you will be able to build such a strong connection. Well, if you saw that it meant it was possible and, as probably the old couple would say, nothing can go perfect in an ideal relationship. When a dating couple decided to become one in marriage, it is normal to have ups and down, but the main thing is always to find the floating line together. As an old widow once told me, you are not in love with each other if you do not fight a little from time to time. She was right, because not sometimes fighting can mean not carrying. And if you don’t care about the person next to you, then where is the love? Of course, do not exaggerate with the fighting part. Love can be shown in very many other ways.

So my dear friends, always remember that before finding the right person, make sure that you are the right one. Instead of hanging around waiting for cupid to strike you, you have to embrace your individuality and find ways toward personal development and growth. So, when the time is right and the right love has come you are surely ready to love and be loved. Never cease in living life to fullest, celebrate friendship worth keeping, share memories with family and loved ones, work things out in your dating life, desire a lasting marriage and never stop growing.

I will wait for you with great relationship topics, advice, tips and many more. I also look forward to receiving your messages about relationships, your experiences with love, good or bad, or problems that you have encountered in your relationship. Feel free to share with me and perhaps I will be able to help you out using my experience. I will eagerly wait to receive your thoughts.