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Mars and Venus Battles the Cyber Arena – Review

Applying the Timeless Truths about
the Opposite Sex in the 21st Century:

There are numbers of people who are struggling with facing the fact that more often than not we are so clueless about how to deal with relationships. Is that how you feel, too? Countless of times had happened when a man and a woman would no longer understand each other simply because they do not know how to deal with each other’s differences. There are moments when even one simple conversation will eventually escalate into a heightened disagreement and argument leading to unwanted break up or divorce, mostly out of pride and indifferences, wrong decisions in a relationship were made.

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How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You within Minutes – Review

 Surefire Guide to LOVE for Anyone Seeking Romantic Bliss

Are you actually in the market of love and has already been hoping and praying that may Cupid pass by and struck the person you are eyeing with the magical bow and  will unexpectedly fall in love you?  What a wonderful dream, but the sad part is that’s how it will always be….just a dream. Wake up now and start doing something because nowadays, ladies no longer believe in waiting for love, but we now believe in pursuing love and turning yourself into a person worth loving and a person man should fall in love with.

This is exactly what you need to become better geared at making people fall in love with you!

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Negative Impact of Complaining

Why you should Eliminate the Habit of Complaining?

“I waited for 30 minutes waiting in line, just for a cup of coffee. Such a waste of time!”
“The weather was so hot, I totally hate going out. ” “ I hate going to work. My boss always has his eyes on me!”I don’t like this…I don’t like that..blah..blah..blah…

Does that sound familiar to anybody you know who seems to choose complaining as their ultimate hobby? Complaining is verbally stating one’s displease annoyance or dissatisfaction about a state of affairs or an event. Basically, it’s stating about everything negative, pessimistic and whining about things that ticks your alarm out of tune. Now, on learning the negative impact of complaining, how does habitual complaints reap off your life?
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What a Working Parent Must Do?

How to Balance Time for a Working Parent?

Nowadays, it is no longer unusual for both parents to work at the same time. Who would not want to advance their personal careers and give their kids everything they needed with an assurance of their bright futures? However, the personal needs of the kids in growing could never be placed by monetary value. Take for example a sick kid who needs his mother’s care, but instead grew up with a nanny. It won’t be surprising if the kid will only associate his real mother as a good provider and a housemate but not like his nanny who became his protector, friend, playmate and confidante. So how do you balance your time on becoming a career person and a parent?

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dream job

How to Get Your Dream Job?

Tips to Ace your Job Interview:

Fresh graduates are surely getting ready with their best foot forward for their first job interview. Acing it means more than anything else as it will help you claim your dream job. Bear in mind that it’s not just about graduating from the most prestigious university that matters. You need to show to them that you are exactly who they needed and should be hired on the spot.

Job competition is a game you must play head on. How to lock in that position you desire truly depends on how you do well with your job interview matters a lot.

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