dream job

How to Get Your Dream Job?

Tips to Ace your Job Interview:

Fresh graduates are surely getting ready with their best foot forward for their first job interview. Acing it means more than anything else as it will help you claim your dream job. Bear in mind that it’s not just about graduating from the most prestigious university that matters. You need to show to them that you are exactly who they needed and should be hired on the spot.

Job competition is a game you must play head on. How to lock in that position you desire truly depends on how you do well with your job interview matters a lot.

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wedding planning

Tips on Wedding Planning

Things to Prioritize on Planning Your Wedding:

A wedding is one of the most special days in the life of a person. It is finally the moment that one has been waiting for. Getting married is finally getting involved in a whole new level of commitment and sharing your life with someone you truly love. Now, as you are still feeling the excitement and the thrill of a recent proposal, there are few things you must prioritize in getting ready for the big day. The most crucial part and the foundation of a successful event lies ahead with the ” wedding planning ” stage.

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Finding your Best Friend Forever

Best friend 101: Qualities and Attributes

“Lucky are those who found true friends for they also found treasures.”

Best-friend-forever kind of friendship is not that hard to find. However, in the middle of people coming and out our lives, we often overlooked people who made an impact on us. There could be these significant people who took the time to treasure your presence. How will you know that you found your best friend for keeps?

You and your best friend celebrate every new found love and heartbreaks together.

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What to Do on your First Date?

First Date -Ready: Tips and Advice

“Every first is special!”

Are you in cloud 9 daydreaming about that most awaited day of meeting one of the elite bachelor/bachelorette in town for the first time? If yes, are you sure you are first date -ready? People are mostly caught up in their emotion, that they miss the vital part of getting ready and prepping up for that anticipated first date. Here are some quick tips and advices of bringing the best version of you as you are hoping for a blossoming romance afterwards.

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